About Us

The opportunity

Meridian was created by government and industry to focus on key areas of UK capability in the global Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) sector which is predicted to be worth £907 billion by 2035. These include advanced development and validation, connected environments, data and cyber security and new service development.


billion prize

Government and industry have committed an initial £100 million through Meridian to develop a coordinated national platform of CAV testing infrastructure. The first £51 million was announced in October 2017 and the next funding competition for Meridian 2 and 3 was completed in Q4 2018.


million reasons

The UK is already a leader in the testing and development of Connected and Autonomous vehicles (CAVs). We have great skills in technology and engineering, innovative start-ups and established companies plus a Government that makes us a ‘CAV Friendly’ country. Developers can test self-driving vehicles on any road in the UK, while government and industry have invested significantly in R&D and creating new facilities.

These facilities are part of a growing integrated ecosystem which is scoped and coordinated by Meridian to accelerate the self-driving revolution in the UK and support the Government’s goal of having fully operating autonomous vehicles on UK roads by 2021.


Our Values

The Meridian Mobility Charter

A meridian is a pathway that runs along the entire surface of the earth, connecting everything from nadir to the zenith. It gives direction and helps navigate, pointing to our future goals and keeping us focused. It also tells the story of the Prime Meridian that connects east and west, the centre of world time which is based in London, at Greenwich.


Projects & Testbeds

The TIC-IT consortium, led by HORIBA MIRA in partnership with Coventry University is creating a purpose built, safe environment for testing CAVs up to the limit of operability.
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Millbrook and the UKAEA's RACE will operate a testbed for the development of CAV technologies across two sites, offering the full spectrum of controlled to semi-controlled urban environments and 90 km of roads.
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The Smart Mobility Living Lab: London, a real world urban testbed to demonstrate and evaluate the use, performance and benefits of CAV technology and mobility services.
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The Midlands Future Mobility testbed led by WMG, University of Warwick, will offer 100 kilometres of urban roads in Coventry and Birmingham in a world-leading connected infrastructure and ecosystem.
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The facility will provide automotive designers and engineers a facility that will be flexible and ideal for testing CAV's, particularly focussed on the multitude of different types and styles of junctions that CAV's might encounter globally. This will be backed up by an extensive engineering support service that can be offered to help any customer that might need it. There will also be a digital twin available of the facilities.
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The Connected Vehicle data Exchange (ConVEx) project will create a safe, secure and open platform for the commercial exchange of data to enhance and accelerate the development of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). This will help to position the UK as a leader in CAV research and development (R&D) and accelerate anticipated CAV benefits including improved safety, easier access to mobility and more efficient transport.
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