Smart Mobility Living Lab: London

Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) is a London-based real-world connected environment for testing and developing future transport and mobility solutions. The locations of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford provide a complex public testing environment, capable of demonstrating and evaluating the use, performance, safety and benefits of CAV technology and future transport services in a representative and technologically challenging city environment.

1. London is the ultimate test for CAVs. As Europe’s only megacity (with an expected population of more than 10m by 2041), London is home to a range of people from different backgrounds, willing to embrace and test new modes of transport and services. London’s transport system is internationally recognised as incredibly effective, integrated and safe. It is overseen by 33 local boroughs and Transport for London, which is one of the world’s leading transport authorities and a project partner of SMLL. Additionally, unlike many other major cities, the London road system is highly complex and has many modes of transport, as well as pedestrians, all interacting at once. This provides the ultimate test for CAVs and CAV-based technology, products and services.

2. Our dual testing facility will give customers the opportunity to test in two different environments. The Royal Borough of Greenwich site will allow more advanced testing and trials in a complex real-world environment that is representative of modern cities. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park environment will offer a more open, campus-like setting. The interplay between these two environments will allow customers to build on the learnings, user experiences and wide range of advanced CAV data sets generated in each, refining their business models and attracting investment.

3. The SMLL collaborative research centre will bring together providers and academics to learn from each other and overcome the challenges of bringing CAVs and future transport services to the market. This means that SMLL will provide more than just a testing environment for customers; it will help them find and partner with others to finalise services, build a value chain and rapidly move towards final commercialisation.

We want SMLL’s future customers to think of the testbed as a must-visit facility for advanced real-world testing, somewhere to look at the entire connected environment and develop market-ready CAV technology, services, solutions and business models.
SMLL is run by a consortium of world-class partners, whose combined expertise will make SMLL one of the most successful CAV testbeds in the world.




The consortium comprises world leading expertise from across the transport and technology sectors including TRL, DG Cities, Cisco, Cubic, Loughborough University, Transport for London and the London Legacy Development Corporation. Delivery partners include Millbrook Proving Ground and the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre.




This ambitious project will see the creation of a Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) in London, based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and nearby Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.



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