Midlands Future Mobility

Focused in the Midlands, the UK’s heart of automotive innovation, Midlands Future Mobility is developing the highly-connected and monitored environment and ecosystem that will play a crucial role in shaping the transport sector.
It will accelerate technological progress in CAV technology and infrastructure, establishing the UK’s presence in the global market, and contributing to the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

Using real-world environments to trial new vehicles, technologies, and services will introduce the complex and unpredictable situations that cannot be achieved through simulation alone.

A diverse network of over 100km of roads in Coventry & Warwickshire, and Birmingham, will be equipped to gather data, measure public interaction, and constantly monitor the technology in action.

Smart monitoring means vehicles will be connected via high-speed, high-capacity wireless infrastructure across the whole route, ensuring no loss of signal.
By deploying concepts in a living environment, and using the associated advanced facilities and services, organisations can understand how their technology is perceived and how it tackles real world challenges; speeding up research and development processes and demonstrating commercial viability.
It is also invaluable to policy makers for designing, exploring, experiencing and refining new policies and regulations in real life scenarios, or for evaluating their potential impacts before implementation.
Midlands Future Mobility provides an environment for groups of innovators to get together to better understand the impact of change; enabling organisations to plan for the future and to avoid the paralysis of decision-making that can occur when the future is uncertain.
Funded by industrial partners and Government, Midlands Future Mobility brings together experts from the infrastructure, transport, communications, automotive, local authority, and research sectors.



The consortium delivering the Midlands Future Mobility testbed includes WMG, University of Warwick, Amey, AVL, Costain, Coventry University, Horiba Mira, Transport for West Midlands, Wireless Infrastructure Group



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